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Websites and Electronic Newsletters Are Added to the Mix of Marketing Tools That Dealers Can Select From to Promote Their Business

Laguna Niguel, CA: January 2006 - Eclipse Marketing, a full-service marketing and public relations firm specializing in the audio/video and security markets, has expanded its line of marketing tools offered to dealers by adding personalized websites and electronic newsletters to the mix of goods. These new tools enable dealers to cost-effectively and accurately communicate with homeowners, builders, architects and interior designers. Eclipse Marketing will host the site and send regularly scheduled electronic newsletters to the dealer’s protected database.

According to Leslie Stevens, President of Eclipse Marketing, “With the explosion of competition from all directions, integrators need to rely on more than word-of-mouth to generate new business. We’ve witnessed big box retailers entering the marketplace, and although these guys might not know how to design and install a system nearly as good as the independent dealers, they have beefed-up marketing departments with expertise in how to project the image that they do. And even more alarming, with recent mergers and acquisitions between companies like Best Buys and AudioVisions, there may come a time in the near future when box retailers can provide good customer service and integrated solutions. This leaves the dealers in the precarious position of becoming A.K.A. Marketers.”

Continues Stevens, “Whether new dealers are entering the marketplace, or existing dealers are looking to upgrade their current campaign and/or simply want to expand their marketing message, they can easily implement a cost-effective communication plan by building an electronic presence. This strategy is becoming more critical every day as websites are increasingly one of the first places potential customers go to gather information about a particular product, service or company. And through the use of electronic newsletters, recipients can simply click on a link that takes them directly to the dealer’s website.”

These websites and electronic newsletters are an expansion of Eclipse’s literature and advertisements that it currently develops for dealers. Each item is personalized so that it looks custom, is professionally-crafted and always cost-effective. The online marketing tools are built to visually match the graphic look of existing collateral, equipping dealers with comprehensive marketing campaign. 

Dealers can simply select from a list of features that they want included in each tool and then their marketing item is created for them on a timely basis. By picking and choosing from an A la carte menu, dealers can have comprehensive campaign right at their fingertips. Dealers interested in the online tools or literature should contact Eclipse Marketing directly at (949) 363-5340, or at . Dealers may also visit www.eclipsemarketing.NET.

Eclipse Marketing is a full-service marketing and publications firm dedicated to helping dealers and manufacturers grow their business. For more information about Eclipse Marketing or the services they offer, contact Leslie Stevens at (949) 363-5340, or . You may also visit www.eclipsemarketing.NET.

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