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Drive Customers To Your Website and Win

Summary: Potential customers will most likely visit your website before they call you. If they like what they see on your site, they'll more likely to pick up the phone and call you. You have two responsibilities: 1) Drive customers to your website and 2) Project a professional image to encourage customers to contact you. Below are 5 ways to generate traffic to your website, and 5 ways to encourage customers to reach out to you. Learn effective strategies to accomplish both.... Click to read the PDF


Referral & Marketing Tips to Generate Business

Referrals are the lifeline of your company. The ironic part is that most companies do not have a referral strategy to ensure this happens. Learn a few ideas that you can implement to generate referrals... Click to read the PDF


E-Marketing For Brand Exposure

Summary: Email campaigns have become a modern day marketing tool. Although you might think that because everyone is already sending them, your emails will get lost in the clutter. However, if you clearly understand why email newsletters are popular, you'll be more likely to get on the bandwagon. Below are ten reasons why email campaigns can help your business grow.... Click to read the PDF


Mobile Marketing For Success In 2010

Summary: As we embark on a new year, its time to set new goals that will help your business flourish.† Many of you scaled back on expenses last year, but now its time rejuvenate your marketing campaign. Mobile marketing is a powerful and cost-effective strategy to revitalize sales. Learn how this can be effective.... Click to read the PDF


Direct Marketing Gets You Noticed

Summary: Direct marketing can be a very effective tool to reach your desired customer. With all the new technology and other forms of marketing, the classic style of direct marketing still holds strong and provides great results. One type of direct marketing that is often overlooked and underappreciated is door hangers. By incorporating door hangers into your marketing plan, your business can benefit greatly. Learn 10 reasons why direct marketing is effective.... Click to read the PDF


Put Your Ass(ets) to Work

Summary: In the event youíve spent time and money producing valuable literature for your company, now you need to put your asset to work and recoup your investment. If youíre like most companies however, the problem is you donít know how to fully utilize your marketing material. Worse yet, some companies feel their literature is too valuable to distribute to just anyone. Ha! You need to distribute your collateral as quickly as possible if you want it to start generating business. Learn 10 effective strategies to get your brochure into the hands of your potential customer.... Click to read the PDF


Online Marketing Generates Sales

Summary: In today’s budget stricken climate, it’s important to recognize the prominent role that the Internet can play in a cost-effective marketing strategy. Not only is Web marketing very affordable, but it also offers you an effective vehicle for public exposure.

With the economic turmoil, it is more critical than even to focus your time and resources on keeping your services in front of potential customers. With limited marketing budgets, the key is to consistently promote your company without throwing endless money at it. Interment marketing has become an increasingly effective way to cost-effectively promote your business. Consider these 10 Internet marketing concepts... Click to read the PDF



Marketing and Leveraging Digital Transition To Generate Business

With Digital Transition upon us, you have a unique opportunity to reach out to your customers. Don’t assume that because your clientele already have digital TVs, they are not interested in the subject of Digital Transition. Consider this... Cable subscribers don’t need to make a change to their equipment. Cable companies know this, but they are still spending millions to announce Digital Transition. WHY? Cable companies know the value of being seen as a leader in technology.

10 Step Plan To Leverage Digital Transition To Generate Sales... Click to read the PDF